Wind Walker | Walking Machine

This Walking Wind Machine walks around leisurely, propelled naturally by the wind flowing through its turbines. Now you can build and enjoy your very own miniature version - a small Strandbeest that glides gracefully across surfaces without electricity or batteries.

This Machine is a kinetic, wind-propelled sculpture that was designed by physicist/artist Theo Jansen. While the original was designed for the beach, this do-it-yourself version will work equally well on any flat surface. It's perfect for kids or adults and isn't too hard so it won't take more than an afternoon to put together.

  • Age Guide: 8+ years
  • 20cm long
  • 130 pieces
  • Kit Includes: Wind Panels, Drive crank, Mechanical walking pieces, Illustrated instructions
  • Learning Outcomes: Creative & Critical Thinking, Engineering, Fine Motor Skills, Science

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