Visitor | Author: Vincent Ferrane

Visitor by Vincent Ferrané is a series of photographs of female artists in their studios in Paris. In this series, Ferrané strives to find the right distance to capture the mystery, tension and the artists' commitment to their practice.

This stunning book features  Ferrané's photos of the following artists and their studios: Amélie Bertrand, Apolonia Sokol, Caroline Corbasson, Chloé Quenum, Eva Nielsen, Georgia Russell, Jeanne Briand, Jennifer Caubet, Julie Beaufils, Lucille Uhlrich, Marion Verboom, Mathilde Denize, Maude Maris, Mimosa Echard, Mireille Blanc, Sarah Trouche and Zoé de Soumagnat.

27.5 x 21.5cm
104 page

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