The Tailor Shop at the Intersection | Author: Ahn Jaesun

A heartwarming story about family, resilience, fashion, and staying true to who you are — told through three generations of tailors in a rapidly changing Seoul.

When Deokgu opens a brand new tailor shop in town, all of Seoul is skeptical of his modern styles. Who would want to wear such funny-looking suits? But Deokgu remains devoted to his craft, and it’s not long before the shop begins to flourish, becoming a beloved fixture in the community.

Written and illustrated by Ahn Jaesun, The Tailor Shop at the Intersection follows three generations of tailors weaving themselves and their business into the fabric of their community in a rapidly changing Seoul. Ahn’s award-winning illustrations convey with great affection a more complicated story about the pressures that rapid development place on culture, commerce, and local business.

In The Old Tailor Shop at the Intersection, Ahn Jaesun shows how commitment, adaptability, and staying true to yourself help pave the way for success — and how embracing change and honouring tradition can go hand in hand.

48 pages
24.1 x 20.3 cm
Age range 4 to 12

Collections: KIDS, KIDS BOOKS

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