Test Tube | Polymer Snow

A test tube full of erupting polymer snow!

This exciting powder erupts into a flurry of snow with water! Make piles of artificial snow that looks and feels just like the real thing! The secret to this transforming powder is super absorbant polymers that expand up to 40 times with water.

A cool little test tube filled with super snow polymer fun! Watch the snow magically erupt, then enjoy playing in the soft white furry.

Perfect for young scientists of all ages - from kinder kids to senior students exploring properties of water, super absorbant polymers and hydrophilic molecules.

Age: 3+ with adult supervision, do not eat

What You Get

Test tube of polymer snow. Includes 60g of instant erupting snow powder in a plastic test tube. Detailed instructions and science ideas included.

How does it work?

This incredible superabsorbent polymer erupts in seconds in water. It can absorb many times its weight in water and grow up to 40 times its size. The cross-linked molecules have a high sodium content attracting water into the polymer system through a process called osmosis. Leave the snow to dry out and it is reusable.

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