Test tube | Phosphorescent powder

This glow-in-the dark phosphorescent powder can be used alone or mixed with a medium (like water or glue) and applied to almost anything to make it glow!

Simply apply it to whatever you want, charge it up, turn the lights out and watch it glow!

The possibilities of how to use it are endless (Never have to turn on the light to find the tv remote or add an extra spooky feel to Halloween decorations).
For a more intense glow, view the powder under UV light.

Includes a 14 cm test tube of phosphorescent powder
Non-toxic formula
Recommended for ages 8+

Note:?Phosphorescent powder is available in a range of colours. Each colour is sold separately and?selected at random for online orders, if you have a preference please leave a note at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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