Sweatshop Women: Volume Two | Edited by: Winnie Dunn

Sweatshop Women Volume 2 is an exciting and contemporary collection of prose and poetry written by women from First Nations, migrant and refugee backgrounds. In this second volume, Australia?s most urgent new voices return to reclaim their stories of culture, sovereignty and diaspora.

Featuring: Christine Afoa, Sydnye Allen, Maryam Azam, Ferdous Bahar, Flordeliz Bonifacio, Shankari Chandran, Janette Chen, Cindy El Sayed, Phoebe Grainer, Aseel Harb, Amani Haydar, Sheree Joseph, Meyrnah Khodr, Shirley Le, Abeny Mayol, Jessicca Wendy Mensah, Gayatri Nair, Lieu-Chi Nguyen, Sara Saleh, Christine Shamista, Mary Anne Taouk, Divya Venkataraman and Diane Wanasawek.?

Editor: Winnie Dunn
Forward by:?Ruby Hamad
25.0 x 15.0cm
207 pages

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