Sweatshop Women: Volume One | Edited by: Winnie Dunn

Sweatshop Women Volume 1 is an exciting and contemporary collection of prose and poetry written by women from First Nations, migrant and refugee backgrounds. In the first volume of this urgent new series, the diverse women of Western Sydney reclaim their stories of love, faith, home and history.

Featuring contributions by: Joy Adan, Christine Afoa, Sydnye Allen, Ferdous Bahar, Claire Cao, Aisha El-Cheikh, Janette Chen, Monikka Eliah, Natalia Figueroa Barroso, Phoebe Grainer, Raveena Grover, Naima Ibrahim, Meyrnah Khodr, Shirley Le, Elaine Lim, Rachel Marie, Jessicca Wendy Mensah, Gayatri Nair, Lieu-Chi Nguyen, Bethany Pal, Christine Shamista, Divya Venkataraman, Diane Wanasawek and Annie XY Zhang.

Editor: Winnie Dunn
Forward by: Michelle Law
25.0 x 15.0cm
183 Pages

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