Sunprint | Solar Art kit

Bringing together the joys of art, science and fun! Sunprint Kits are based on the cyanotype process, which has been used by artists since its development in the 19th century. The photo sensitive paper goes through a seemingly magical transformation thanks to a chemical reaction when it is exposed to light. 

Create amazing white on blue prints using just the power of the UV rays. Simply place leaves, flowers, feathers or any item you like onto the photo-sensitive paper and place it in the sun. Remove the objects after a couple of minutes and rinse the paper to permanently "fix" the resulting print.

Also a fantastic tool for scientific exploration - Sunprint's sensitivity to ultra-violet light lends itself to sun-based investigations. Explore which sun creams or objects block UV rays the most effectively. A wonderful gift for all ages and a great hands-on activity to do with groups. Whether it be in the classroom, in a camp, a museum workshop, birthday party or any other group setting, get people together, share ideas and play.


10 x 10cm (per sheet)
12 sheets of paper
1 acrylic sheet included
Recommended for ages 6+
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