ScribbleBot | Drawing Machine

This crazy DIY drawing robot uses vibration and spin generated by a motor to create works of art. Get it to create different designs by adjusting the angle and height of the pens and watch it work! This kit is easy to build and fun to play with.

Inspired by the iconic 'Spirograph' mechanism which many children spent hours of fun using - the scribble bot takes this fun toy to the next level! Originally invented in 1827 by?Peter Hubert Desvignes, the Spirograph went on to be enjoyed worldwide and now endure for almost two centuries!

20cm long
Illustrated instructions
Containing everything you need to create endlessly varying patterns including a baseplate, transparent cover, motor with 3 arm supports, 3 pen holders, 3 arm ends, 3 vibration brushes, 1 switch cover, 3 pens and hardware.
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