Rocking Glass Set | Set of 4

The Rocking Glass is a sturdy and fun glass that you can use for almost everything. It has a specially designed curved bottom, which allows the glass to tilt back and forth without the contents spilling. The rounded bottom also makes it a pleasure to hold in the hand as you can both grip around the bottom or cradle it in your hand like a sphere.

Rocking Glass is a great conversation piece and is a fresh take on a traditional tumbler. The glass is designed to be robust enough to hold both cool and hot drinks. Use it for cocktails or as a decorative accessory. Or, do like they do at the MoMA cafe in New York: use it for that extra tasty dessert!

"My grandfather, uncle and my father have all worked their entire lives as glass blowers for Holmegaard, so I have always had a passion for glass design." 
Britt Bonnesen, Designer

Set of 4 glasses
9cm diameter x 8cm tall
Britt Bonnesen

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