REMORANDOM, Everything Interesting 1 | Author: Remo Giuffre

REMORANDOM is a printed curation of snack-sized stories, ideas and observations designed to inform, entertain and inspire a global community of curious readers. Each issue contains 90 fresh single-spread chapters featuring a diverse range of topics: culture, design, history, ideas, nature, people, science and things. The mix is delightfully random and always surprising. Uncommon knowledge. Everything interesting. Collectible. The perfect gift.

AUTHOR: Remo Giuffre is a Sydney-based creative director and curator with a long track record as an entrepreneur, connector and brand builder. He founded REMO in 1988, the General Thinking network in 2001, TEDxSydney in 2009 and Bondi Observer (with wife Melanie) in 2015.

22.7 x 15.2 cm
192 Pages

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