Phone Detox | Author: The School of Life

A tool to bring sanity to our most intense technological relationship.

The dark truth is that it has become very hard to find anyone (and certainly anything) more interesting than one?s smartphone. This perplexing and troubling realisation has for most of us had huge consequences for our love stories, family lives, work, leisure time and health. This is why?School of Life have created?Phone Detox, a palm-sized book filled with insights, ideas and meditations about the complex relationship we have with our phones.?This flip book is a tool that aims to bring a little sanity to our closest, most intense and possibly most danger-laden technological relationship.

A fantastic and insightful gift for those who spend a little too much time on their phones, and not enough in the real world.

Author: The School of Life
Wiro bound book
14cm x 7 cm
62 pages

Collections: BOOKS, GIFT IDEAS

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