Ornament | hand painted | cassowary

Cassowaries are fruit loving bird giants and ratites, a group of ancient flightless birds appearing on the planet 60 million years ago alongside dinosaurs. Shy and elusive, they pepper rainforests with fruit seeds pollinating their habitats and creating the dense foliage they blend so easily into.

They are true powerhouses, enormous birds with the ability to run fast and jump high, a marvel of our planet and a unique Australian icon of the tropics.

Conservation status: Endangered

Outer Island's hand-made ornaments bring the magic of Australia?s native plants and animals into your home. Perfect as Christmas decorations, souvenirs or special gifts, each ornament is artfully hand-painted and produced using sustainable, natural materials.

Designed and made locally in Sydney
Hand painted wooden ornament with jute twine
Painted on one side
14.8 x 7.2cm

Please note: Since this item is handmade, each ornament is slightly varied in patterning, texture, wood grain or burn.