Nomadic Journey and Spirit of Places | Author: Marina Abramovic

Never before published, this self-curated, intensely personal collection of travel notes and sketches by the world?s most revered performance artist offers readers a kind of iconography of Abramovic's daring and utterly original body of work.

An artist?s notebooks are arguably the most authentic means of understanding her process, techniques, and impulses. And, for a performance artist, a rare, permanent record of how she develops her craft. Compiled over the course of four decades on stationery from various hotels, and other temporary residences, this collection of Marina Abramovic??s original drawings, collages, poetry, writings, cut-outs, photographs and doodles offers glimpses of a brilliant mind in constant motion.

Beautifully produced and packaged, it takes readers on a journey through Abramovic??s thoughts?and traces the evolution of the most fruitful phase of her career. ?I believe we humans need to keep moving forward, and my own life was purely nomadic,? Abramovic? writes of her travel diaries. ?My home was everywhere I went because my home was my own body.

24 x 17 cm
352 pages