Lindy Lee | Dialogue between one and zero | Limited edition print

Dialogue Between One and Zero?is limited-edition original artwork by Australian Chinese artist Lindy Lee and was created exclusively for the Museum of Contemporary Art in 1998 as part of the ?Start your own collection? program.

As an Australian born to Chinese parents during the era of the White Australia policy, Lee experienced the dissonance of feeling Australian but looking Chinese. Her sense of being a ?bad copy? of both Chinese and western culture produced works like?Dialogue Between One and Zero and other photocopy works such as The Silence of the Painters (1995), in which she took beloved paintings from western art history and remade them as abstracted paintings in which the human presence lingers as a melancholic form. Through a process of copying, recopying and overpainting in monochrome colours, Lee has built up layers of velvety carbon that embed the image in a materiality of paint more in keeping with Ad Reinhardt and Mark Rothko?s modernist abstractions than the Renaissance masters. In assimilationist Australia, Lee aligned her sense of Australianness with modern western art and the borrowed faces of a European past rather than her Chinese ancestry. Lee turns to this heritage in later works, but in?Dialogue Between One and Zero she processes western art history as a fundamental element of Australian, and therefore her own, identity.

To celebrate the MCA exhibition:?Moon in a Dew Drop?the MCA Store is thrilled to be able to offer the opportunity to own an original artwork by Lindy Lee. Whether you are an established art collector or just starting your collection, this wonderful artwork is a worthy addition to any collection of Australian contemporary art (or the perfect way to start your art collection).

Dialogue Between One and Zero consists of 4 limited edition-prints and is presented unframed, in a parchment envelop which is signed and numbered by Lindy Lee and each print is stamped on the reverse with her seal. Originally issued as an edition of 75 , there are various editions available, if you have a preference of number or would like to know what we have available please email:

4 parts: 23 x 16 cm each
Medium: Photocopy and pigment on paper
Edition of 75, 1998.

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