Kunsthalle Bega Box | Author: Alina Cristescu

In the past three years, the Kunsthalle Bega Box in Timioara, Romania, successively became a laboratory and experimental space for young and mid-career Romanian artists, showcasing comprehensive projects involving research and representation and engaging the audience in a phenomenological cultural experience. The book offers an overview of the projects that have taken place at Kunsthalle Bega Box since its opening.

Texts by the curators and artists provide insights into the theoretical discourses underlying the exhibitions. Artists: Dorian Bolca, Irina Bujor, Dreaming About my Unborn Child Group, Olah Gyarfas, Tijana Kacarevic, Lera Kelemen, Bogdan Matei, Mihai Mihalcea, Adrian Oncu, Teo Papadopol, Gavril Pop, Laurian Popa, Nicolo Filippo Rosso, Ioana Maria Sisea, Ana Maria Szollosi, Miki Velciov, Dan Vezentan, Mihai Zgondoiu. Text by Horea Avram, Kilobase Bucharest, Alina Cristescu, Dana Diminescu, Iris Ordean, Mihai Pop, Laurian Popa, Maria Orosan Telea, Dan Vezentan.

18 x 12cm
Text in English & Romanian

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