Kinetic Rings

Kinetic rings are a mesmerising and interactive "flow" toy, just like a 4D metal slinky spring!

Coming in a flat stack of interconnecting metal rings, you can spread the fun as the rings pop open into a sphere, surprising everyone! Be amazed as it transforms from an ordinary series of metal rings into an extraordinary sculpture that resembles a giant atom!

The spiraling coils loop back on themselves to form a donut-like shape. This gives the rings the unique ability to fully surround objects and roll around them. Let it roll down your arm, pass it from one arm to the next, pass it to a friend or even dance with it. It's super addictive fun!

When rolling along, it looks just like a super cool metallic bubble. Roll it down a broomstick handle, or along a cable or rope. Simply insert your hand or other item through the centre of the coils to begin!

Give the coil a gentle tap for it to jump to life. To flatten it back to its coil shape, simply lay your hand across the top and press downward.

Simply lay your hand across the top of the Toro flux, and press downward to flatten it back to its coil shape.


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