Kate Tucker - A Community of Parts | Author: Kate Tucker

Describing Kate Tucker’s works as ‘paintings’ seems almost shortsighted. The medium’s implicit relationship with a bordered, two-dimensionality feels at odds with the Melbourne-based artist’s densely layered, fractured, and rearranged works. Emphatically three-dimensional, humbly monolithic, and highly democratic in their form and materials, Tucker’s paintings – rendered via acrylic mediums, fragments of pre-printed fabrics, canvas, linen, Chux and cardboard, along with earthenware and slickly glazed ceramic support systems – are at once plinths, prints, collages, sculptures, installations, and frames.

A community of parts is Tucker’s first book and points to the evolution of her practice over the last decade. Featuring texts from curators Amelia Wallin and Charlotte Cornish, alongside an expansive conversation between the artist and Helen Hughes, the book comes to life with Matthew Stanton’s striking photographic documentation and Narelle Brewer’s intuitive design language.

17 x 24 cm
256 Pages

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