Jacket | Sweet Country by David Brown | Waringarri x MCA | theboobeling

There's nothing as sweet as being on your home soil, and no matter what Country your home is on this deadly jacket will make sure you are not only stylish, but warm as well. Created in collaboration with Waringarri Aboriginal Arts, this strictly limited edition jacket features an intricately embroidered detail of David Brown's original painting Sweet Country. With only 25 made in each colour, you're sure to be the only person rockin' this Sweet Country jacket no matter where you are (or what you're listening to).

The original artwork painted in natural ochres on canvas is about David's grandfather longing for his home Country. "This painting is about when my grandfather left his homeland Country for a time. He later returned to revisit his old Country, to reconnect because it was a place he loved and missed."

Waringarri Aboriginal Arts is the oldest and longest running Aboriginal Art centre in the Kimberley region. Situated in the remote community of Kununurra, Western Australia, Waringarri Arts celebrates East Kimberley cultural identity and heritage, the vibrant cultural heritage of the Miriwoong and Gajerrabeng people as well as surrounding language groups.

* theboobeling is the Miriwoong word for dark black. The MCA Store collaborated with Waringarri Arts to draw these colour names from Miriwoong language.

David Brown, Sweet Country 2024, natural ochres and pigments on canvas, copyright of the artist / Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

Heavyweight canvas (100% cotton)
Lining: recycled polyester fleece with padded sleeves
Edition of 50
25 bernngang (brown) , 25 theboobeling (black)


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