IZIPIZI Reading Glasses | Collection C | Light Pink

Colour your world with a pair of colourful, lightweight reading glasses from IZIPIZI.

The IZIPIZI Collection C frames are an stylish, bold, square shape.

Since launching in 2010, IZIPIZI has continued to focus on reinventing the classics - their innovative frames are designed to be gender neutral and suit everyone. Designed in France to facilitate eyesight on a daily basis, these reading glasses are available in a range of dioptres, colours and styles- so there is a pair to suit everyone! Made from a soft-touch acetate they are not only comfortable to wear and durable, but the flexible hinges also mean they fit a variety of face shapes and widths.

Frame dimensions: 14.3 x 13.7 x 4.5cm
Material: Soft touch acetate
Flexible hinges
Packaged in gift box with soft felt pouch
Finding the perfect pair of glasses has never been so IZIPIZI! To view the full range click HERE

Dioptre Strength

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