Ibrahim Mahama: Vanishing Points 2014-2020 | Author: Torsten Reiter

For his large, site-specific installation Vanishing Points, Ibrahim Mahama arranged a hundred old wheelbarrows, which he collected from workers in Ghana, giving them new ones in return. The rusty, worn wheelbarrows bear the obvious marks of daily hard labour and can be understood as a symbol of that. They also represent the construction that manifests in architecture throughout the history of the artist's homeland.

At the same time the work can also be regarded in the context of his project Parliament of Ghosts, which was on display in Tamale, Ghana, in 2020. It is a forum for debate that also continues with the idea of social sculpture. Ibrahim Mahama was born in 1987 in Tamale, Ghana. He lives and works in Accra, Kumasi and Tamale.

29.7 x 21
88 pages

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