Gin cup | Cloudburst | Made by Larissa Warren

As the skies open up, waterways churn and reveal new layers of soil and clay that give life to surrounding plant life. The Cloudburst gin cup by Larissa Warren is an ode to this cycle of regeneration and is sure to bring new life to your favourite botanical spirit.

Through constant testing and experimentation, Larissa Warren is able to create entirely unique ceramics in the Japanese nerikomi style. Crafted using wild clays, rocks and minerals sourced locally from Tamborine Mountain, each with their own unique colour and pattern combination, these cups have a true connection to the earth that can be felt as soon as you hold them.

Locally sourced clay and Australian porcelain
Vessel dimensions: 8 x 9cm
Made in Tamborine Mountain, Australia

Please note:This listing is for a single mug only. Each mug is unique in colour and patternation, so please refer to the numbered styles for your selection.


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