Fool's Paradise : The Early Years of the Melbourne Comedy Festival | Author: Peter Milne

"I love the look of Peter's photographs; there is so much depth to the images, so much going on in the background like a gesture or a portentous sign. But there's something else too; the fact that they are black and white and make such use of shadows and darkness lends a kind of menace to the laughter and maybe that?s what comedy is: light and shade, horror and release." Judith Lucy.

Fool's Paradise: The Early Years of The Melbourne Comedy Festival brings together an edited selection from Peter Milne's vast archive of (mostly) candid backstage moments from the first 11 years of the Melbourne Comedy Festival (1987- 1998). The book includes essays from Greg Hocking, Sue-Ann Post, Kevin Whyte and Judith Lucy.

26.0 x 24.0cm
142 pages

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