Earrings | spiral | aluminium | assorted colours

These stunning and lightweight earrings are sure to spice up any outfit. Their sculptural spiral cascades downwards, capturing and reflecting the light beautifully as you move. Entirely hand cut and made from recyclable anodised aluminium which is skillfully crafted into these unique pieces of wearable art - a perfect gift for lovers of statement jewellery or those who care about sustainably made products.

Monica Krexa is a renowned innovative jewellery maker based in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Taking inspiration from the naturally occurring forms of nature, Monica's practice focusses on sustainability. Working from her open air studio, she produces all of her jewellery without the use of power or freshwater - relying on human powered tools and rainwater solely. She chose to work with the unconventional and endlessly recyclable material aluminium. Inspired by its brightness, texture and durability- it does not dull or rust over time and is beautifully light to wear.

11cm tall (including hook)
Nickel free
Sustainably handmade in Brazil
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Please note: Due to the unique handmade nature of this product, slight variations in colour and design will be present.

grass green
royal blue
salmon copper pink

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