Earrings | ghost pipe | Lyleu by Sally Leung

The Ghost Pipe stud earring features a replica of the flower at the front, with the stem hanging on the back clasp.

The Ghost Pipe (Monotropa uniflora) is a herbaceous perennial plant that, unlike regular plants, do not photosynthesise and thrive in dark, damp parts of the forest. As a result, they do not contain chlorophyll and are usually completely white in colour, with some being pale pink. This earring is an homage to the beauty of this special flower.

Sally (she/her) is a first generation Chinese-Australian contemporary jeweller residing on Gadigal land (Sydney, Australia). Inspired by the cyclical nature of life and death in all things, each Lyleu piece takes influence from ancient objects and the tangible way they will change over time. Each Lyleu piece is designed with the intention to become an heirloom.

Dimensions of front of earring : 1.5cm L x 0.5cm W
Dimensions of back of earring: 4.3cm L x 0.17cm W
Sterling silver

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