Cushion Cover | Wool 40cm | Paddy Stewart | Black & Yellow on Light Blue

Paddy Stewart, born in 1940, was a senior Warlpiri artist who was a founding member of Warlukurlangku Artists. He was an important senior member of community and painted the Yuendumu school doors in a landmark project in the early 1980s to encourage school attendance. He later won the Telstra 16th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award for works on paper for a series of etchings based on these doors. His Dreamings are marlu (kangaroo), ngurlu (seed) and janganpa (possum).

These beautiful, unique textiles are a cross-cultural collaboration combining Aboriginal designs and traditional Kashmiri rug-making techniques. Chain stitched, using hand dyed wool, each is a completely handmade piece.

40 x 40cm
Hand dyed wool
Zip or button closure on reverse
Cushion insert not included

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