Clicker | Ladybird

Enjoy the satisfyingly loud click of our ladybird noise makers. Our large, red and white ladybird click with a finger activated switch that also opens its little mouth. Another fantastic, fuss-free, nostalgic toy that's sure to provide hours of fun. Perfect for wedding or party favours, cracker presents, prizes, stocking fillers or for the special little person in your life!

Every Tin Toy in our range begins its life as a flat sheet of metal, which is printed and then formed into the shape before being hand assembled to create a single finished toy. Being a very labour-intensive process, across history most traditional toy makers around the world moved away from tin toy production, thus leaving only a handful of producers that still make them today. People from around the world seek tin toys, either as serious collectors or merely to cherish the memories of their childhood and share with others.

Size: 11 x 5.5 x 2cm
Recommended Ages 4+

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