Calligraphy set | Kaweco Sport | mint

A charming way to explore the finer side of handwriting, Kaweco's Sport Calligraphy Set has everything you need to explore this classic art form.?Using the beloved design of Kaweco's Sport Fountain Pen, this Calligraphy Set feels intuitive to use for beginners and pros alike.

Featuring four different nibs to allow you to easily swap them out and experiment with different line widths, the Calligraphy Set is approachable and intuitive to use. The set also includes two 6-packs of pearl black ink cartridges and three protective caps to cover the nibs that aren't in use.?The whole set is presented in an elegant tin box that makes this a truly stunning present for a loved one or colleague.

Kaweco Sport pen
Four nibs - 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 1.9mm & 2.3mm
Pearl black ink cartridges
Nib caps
Made in Germany

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