Atong Atem - Surat | Author: Atong Atem

Surat?is the first photobook by South Sudanese / Australian artist Atong Atem.?

Commissioned by Photo Australia for?PHOTO 2022 International Festival of Photography,?Surat?(which translates from Sudanese Arabic?as ?snapshots?) is a homage to family photos and the characters within them. Working on the series throughout 2021, Atem revisited her family photo albums, which span decades and continents, restaging and reimagining the scenes and players they depict. The resulting book is a series of performances as self portraits, documenting the act of photographing and being photographed, framing and being framed. It is a performative depiction of photography, utilising the repetition of dressing, sitting, posing, changing, testing, adjusting and capturing that is so often implicit in the medium.

28 x 20.8 cm
48 pages

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