A is for Archive: Warhol's World from A to Z | Author: Matt Wrbican

Delve into Warhol?s cherished personal collections, published together here for the first time, and discover how truly unique he was.  Andy Warhol (1928?1987) remains an icon of the 20th century and a leading figure in the Pop Art movement. He also was an obsessive collector of things large and small, ordinary and quirky.

Since 1994, The Andy Warhol Museum has studied and safeguarded the artist?s archive encompassing hundreds of thousands of these objects, at turns strange, amusing, and poignant. From this array, many of these items have been researched and described in this book for the first time. For the myriad fans of Warhol and his quixotic world, as well as those who never understood the artist before, this volume is essential and unforgettable.

29.4 x 26.9cm
320 pages

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