A Great Gay Book | Edited By: Ryan Fitzgibbon

Hello Mr. was founded by Ryan Fitzgibbon in 2012 - over its ten-issue lifespan, the beloved and groundbreaking indie magazine became the first home for some of the most prestigious queer voices of a generation.

In A Great Gay Book, Fitzgibbon has curated the most evergreen written and visual content from the magazine's archives, as well as entries from a new class of contributors, marrying some of today's most celebrated and emerging queer writers and artists. This is an invitation to a camp class reunion where wisdom and creativity is lovingly passed on to a generation of LGBTQ+ leaders on the rise..The book features a mix of gorgeous, full-color illustrations alongside Q&As, profiles, short fiction, poems, essays, and comics-what unifies these myriad entries is their exploration of growth, belonging, and other queer possibilities.

A Great Gay Book is a triumphant celebration of the diversity of queer experience, showcased across several mediums in a beautifully designed package.

24.8 x 17.2cm
400 Pages
Metallic edge painted

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