7 Collosal Cacti | Author: Office Kovacs

As long as it has been known as a world class music festival, Coachella has also been dedicated to the installation of artwork at the scale of architecture. In 2019, 7 Colossal Cacti were brought to life during Coachella Festival by architecture studio Office Kovacs & photographer Phil Donohue. The aim was to provide shade and a place to rest or to rendezvous for festival goers while also providing a backdrop that was reminiscent of a skyline - a skyline of cacti.

The project encompasses themes that often guide Office Kovacs’ projects including: The play of scale and size; the use of ubiquitous and recognisable shapes; found objects and playful colours composed unexpected ways. 

Authors: Office Kovacs and Phil Donohue
29.7 x 21cm
64 pages

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