Umbrella | Blunt Coupe | Assorted Colours

Dynamic and light, the BLUNT Coupe umbrella is slim, stylish and extremely sturdy making it perfect for weekends, wandering and your daily commute. At 430g, the Coupe is the lightest full-length umbrella in the range meaning you don't need to compromise full coverage for convenience.  The patented BLUNT tips mean that there are no sharp points making it super safe as you wander the streets. Revolutionary design means that they sit effortlessly in the wind and you feel in control - no more inverted or runaway umbrellas!

BLUNT are a series of world leading umbrellas created by an inspired New Zealand team.  A perfect blend form and function, they are designed and built with meticulous craft and care. To ensure they stand the test of time (as well as the strongest rain and wind) every single umbrella goes through a rigorous quality control check before it reaches you. Committed to sustainability – BLUNT umbrellas are designed to be fully repairable and are backed up by a no-nonsense warranty to ensure you get years of use from this strong, durable and beautiful everyday staple.

Push button release with smooth movement
Easy grip handle
2 year warranty
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Charcoal grey
Mint green

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