Tiny, Floating Coral | Author: Mary Auld

Tiny Floating Coral starts with a microscopic coral planula floating through the Coral Sea in a soup of plankton. It is looking for the perfect place to settle, divide and grow. It finds a place on a healthy reef off the coast of Australia. Learn about this remarkable animal, how it feeds, starts a colony and becomes a part of the Great Barrier Reef - a vast underwater city where other animals live, feed, hide and bring up their young.

The story's narrative progresses in a way that builds understanding, and the delicate illustrations bring the story to life. Thinking big, the book highlights that 25 per cent of marine life relies on the world's coral reefs, and the big fold-out map shows where they are. There is also an illustrated coral life cycle, and a Reef I-Spy to take children back into the book.

23 x 23cm
28 pages

Collections: KIDS, KIDS BOOKS

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