The Machinist Sculptor | Author: Chris Bathgate

Explore machine work as a fine craft through the lens of Chris Bathgate's pioneering sculpture techniques. Bathgate utilizes handmade tools; milling, drilling, and turning machines; CNC (computerized numerical controlled) machines; and more to form precisely crafted complex sculptures that capture the imagination and pose exciting questions about how the worlds of technology and craft are intersecting now more than ever. He combines a variety of metals-including steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, brass, and more-to create his sculptures, sometimes adding wood and other materials. His work illustrates that inspiration often is born out of the need to solve and overcome technical challenges.

Chris Bathgate is a self-taught machinist, engineer, and tool builder. He has spent two decades creating and modifying a variety of metalworking tools and automated machinery to create his intricately machined metal sculptures that defy easy classification. He's based in Baltimore.  

30.5 x 22.9cm
350 colour photographs and drawings
288 Pages

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