Tectonism: Architecture for the 21st Century | Author: Patrik Schumacher

Tectonism is the most advanced and most sophisticated contemporary architectural style. There are, to date, only relatively a few fully satisfactory built examples, and most of them are still of a relatively modest scale. It is the thesis of this book that tectonism, as defined and illustrated here, represents the future of 21st century architecture. The term was coined in 2008 by Patrik Schumacher, an architectural partner of Zaha Hadid (1950–2016).

A leader in the discourse on the latest architectural movements, Schumacher comments on parametricism and computational engineering leading to a malleable network of interdependencies that evolved into tectonism as an architectural style . A comprehensively illustrated text with full-colour photography and detailed plans, knitted together with incisive and critical analysis and appraisal of architectural history and precedents . A must-have text that shines a light on a progressive architectural culture and the most innovative methodologies.

22 x 17.5cm

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