Speaker | Lexon Mino+ | Keith Haring | Love White

This mini portable Bluetooth speaker fits in the palm of one hand and offers impressive 3W sound quality. Stream your music from your smartphone or tablet for 3 hours. Thanks to its integrated True Wireless Stereo technology, you can pair two Mino+ together and double your enjoyment with immersive stereo sound. Mino+ offers different charging methods - by induction with a Qi compatible wireless charging station or via its USB-C port with the supplied cable.

Featuring the joyful and iconic imagery of Keith Haring's signature motifs, that were inspired by the graffiti artists whose marks covered New York city's subway cars. Keith Haring was one of the most renowned of the young artists, filmmakers and performers whose work responded to urban street culture of the 1980's.

Diameter 3.7 cm
Height 3.7 cm
Materials: Aluminium / ABS

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