R34G38B25 | Author: Christopher Doyle

A collection of words and images by Christopher Doyle, RGB features photographs, textures, colours and complicities all documented during the filming of Hero. Doyle captured this lush, beautiful photographic "footage" while traveling through magnificent places in China such as Dun Huang, Jiu Zhai Gou, Heng Dian. The central characters in the film are an ambitious King, who is attempting to unite China's many warring states, and his would-be assassin, played by Jet Li. Just like the book, this film is essentially a deep dialog between ideas, images and words, The tremendous emphasis Doyle places on colour is evidenced in the superbly reproduced images and is a prominent and recurring theme in the texts and interviews. An elegant and experimental combination of film photography and graphic art.

RGB is a must have for Christopher Doyle fans, designers and book collectors everywhere. Originally a limited edition, it is now out of print and extremely rare. 
Please Note: This title has been sustained some minor cover to slip case. If you would like to see a photo of the book before purchasing please contact us at store@mca.com.au

Hardcover slip case
40 x 28.7cm
96 Pages

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