Puzzle | Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route | 1000 piece

Piece together this 1000 piece puzzle to unveil the genius and art of master acrylicist Dadda Samson, Martumili Artists. Featuring her artwork Purpla (2007), this puzzle is a fantastic way to teach young minds about our countries rich cultural heritage.

Dadda Samson was born around 1933 at Old Jigalong ,  a ration depot situated on the Rabbit Proof Fence before the Jigalong Mission was established. She walked around the country east of Jila Kurru with her mother, father and three brothers. In the late 1930?s, when droving had intensified, Dadda?s family left the desert and walked in to Jigalong. Later, she worked on stations including Sylvania Station with her first husband, a camel handler, and then with her second husband, an excellent horseman, rancher, and cattle drover; both of whom she has outlived. Dadda continues to live at Jigalong today as a highly respected senior of the community, with her children and many grandchildren. She now teaches her descendants how to paint country. 

Puzzle pieces come packaged in a sturdy and easy-to-wrap box, perfect for gifting and storage. On completion frame the puzzle and display it as an important piece of First Nations Art in your home. Or pull it apart and start the fun all over!

1000 pieces
74 x 78.5cm



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