Mug | Tea with your hero | Penny Wong

The Honourable Penny Wong is a true trail blazer in Australian politics with a string of firsts to her name. She is the first Asian born Federal Cabinet Minister and the first female openly LGBTQI+ Federal parliamentarian. She is the first woman to be appointed the Leader of the Government in the Senate and since then the first female Leader of the Opposition in the Senate. She is regarded as one of the most influential LGBTQI+ Australians and was instrumental in supporting the legalisation of same sex marriage in Australia in 2017.

From the same people who let you wear your heroes, check out the pins HERE, come these gorgeous mugs that let you share a cup of tea or coffee with some of your heroes. Coated with the Orca coating to protect it in the dishwasher, these mugs feature political heavyweights like Penny Wong and Jacinda Ardern to style icons like Lee Lin Chin.

White ceramic mug
Orca coating
9.5 x 8.2cm Ø


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