Mondrian Blocks | Assorted Colour Editions

Mondrian Blocks is a multi-award winning logic game that is inspired in its design by Piet Mondrian - combining the beauty of his art with the joy of thinking. Created to foster a whole range of skills in all ages from eager young minds to those grown and in need of a little brain training! A wonderful way to bring fun to the acquisition of some of life's most important skills from sequencing to spatial awareness, visual perception, strategic planning, problem solving and logical thinking.

Available in 4 different colour editions, each with a unique set of 88 challenges - collect them all and you will never run out! Train your brain by playing alone or gather together your friends and challenge them to see who can complete the puzzles in the fastest time. Presented in a compact, lightweight and easy travel case, you can take Mondrian Blocks with you on the go and play anywhere!

Each colour edition includes:
88 unique challenges
11 blocks
For 1 or more players
Recommended for ages 6+

Colour edition

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