Mona Lisa and the Others | Author: Alice Harman

A witty introduction to the Louvre's many masterpieces, told from the perspective of the subjects themselves - including resident superstar Mona Lisa.

Millions of people visit the Louvre Museum every year to gaze and gawp at its all-star art collection. But there's one star who gets a lot more attention than anyone else - and her very own special queuing system, if you can believe it! Well, the Louvre's many other masterpieces aren't too happy about being overshadowed - and they're here to tell everyone what makes them just as worthy of the Mona Lisa's teeming crowds.

Written in a light-hearted and contemporary style by Alice Harman, and illustrated with the energetic artwork of Sir Quentin Blake,?Mona Lisa and the Others?is an entertaining introduction to the Louvre Museum's collection that will appeal to children, parents, guardians and teachers from all walks of life.

28.6 x 22.4cm
96 pages


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