How To Focus | Author: John Cassian

How to Focus
A Monastic Guide for an Age of Distraction

Distraction isn?t a new problem. We?re also not the first to complain about how hard it is to concentrate. Early Christian monks beat us to it. They had given up everything to focus on God, yet they still struggled to keep the demons of distraction at bay. But rather than surrender to the meandering of their minds, they developed powerful strategies to improve their attention and engagement. How to Focus is an inviting collection of their strikingly relatable insights and advice ? frank, funny, sympathetic, and psychologically sophisticated.

Featuring an engaging new translation by Jamie Kreiner and the original Latin on facing pages, How to Focus can help even the least monkish of us to train our attention on what matters most.

17.1 x 11.4cm
288 Pages

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