Gift set | Moleskine | Sakura by Kosuke Tsumura

Jot down your thoughts and feelings, or sketch your own interpretation of the beautiful sakura  in this gorgeous Moleskine notebook.

In Japan, the annual Sakura season is traditionally a time to reflect on the fleeting nature of all things. The fabric cover is designed by acclaimed Japanese fashion designer Kosuke Tsumura and features Kosuke's unique interpretation of "hanami" (the tradition of viewing cherry blossom in full bloom) which takes place not only during the day, but also at night. The delicate pink petals appear illuminated against the dark of the night sky, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

This beautiful giftbox contains a Limited Edition Notebook, along with a set of five colouring pencils, each one featuring a special quote from the designer.

1 x notebook and pencils set
Themed sticker sheets. Greeting card. Moleskine History Inside. Expandable Inner Pocket. Elastic Closure. Bookmark.
Fabric Hard Cover
Plain paper, 100gsm acid-free paper
13 x 21cm

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