Educated Monkey | Multiplication Trick | Tin

A genuine American classic tin toy remade - A faithful reproduction of Consul, the Educated Monkey toy which was originally manufactured in America in 1916. This toy memorialised a famous performing monkey, who rode a bicycle and even ate with a fork and knife. Beautifully designed, the Educated Monkey isn't just a pretty face - he knows his multiplication tables! Just move his legs and he mechanically finds the answer with his hands. Making learning fun decades before calculators and computers existed - and he's back again to delight a whole new generation. This is a retro classic for collectors and big kids alike.

Every Tin Toy in our range begins its life as a flat sheet of metal, which is printed and then formed into the shape before being hand assembled to create a single finished toy. Being a very labour-intensive process, across history most traditional toy makers around the world moved away from tin toy production, thus leaving only a handful of producers that still make them today. People from around the world seek tin toys, either as serious collectors or merely to cherish the memories of their childhood and share with others. 

Size: 14 x 15cm
Material: Tin
Box packaging
Recommended ages 5+

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