Flip Clock | Model #1 | Mr Wolf | Red

This clock is unique worldwide - as much a work of art as a clock - you will never see another like it!

Mr Wolf is the designer of the world's first all-colour flip clock: Model #1, in which every minute and hour is displayed as part of a broader composition. Made in the style of a traditional 24 hour flip-clock, however this clock subverts the monotony with which such clocks usually represent the time. In this timepiece, the numbers are embedded in images; sometimes the number displayed might be obvious and at other times, cryptic. The cumulative effect is that of a colourful puzzle or dreamscape, in which the marking of time is made interesting and whimsical. Over the course of a day, as the leaves of the clock fall, the clock displays 1440 unique combinations of images!

Mr Wolf clocks are manufactured by Mr Wolf and TWEMCO (makers of fine flip clocks since 1956) using precision German movements. As well as being objects of novelty and beauty, each Mr Wolf clock is a highly accurate, reliable and well-built timepiece.

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Size: 10cm (height) x 6cm (deep)

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