Card set | Collaboration | The School of Life

Teamwork doesn't always come naturally. Before your project runs aground, turn to the School of Life's Collaboration card set to smooth your path and find a way to work together. The card set's 52 unique prompts draw inspiration from art, psychology, music and more to help you and your co-workers get along and get the job done.

Pick a card at random and follow its advice – you might be called upon to try viewing the project from different angles using De Bono's Six Thinking Hats, or to imagine a Dream Team addition and what they might add to the mix. The results might be surprising, and may just help you break the deadlock and make some much-needed progress.

The School of Life was founded in London in 2008. With branches located worldwide, they are devoted to helping all people think intelligently about central emotional concerns.

15.5 x 11.5cm (box size)
52 cards
Designed in the United Kingdom
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