Hardcover Notebook | Dorothy Napangardi Sandhills

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The cover of this journal depicts a reproduction image of an artwork titled Sandhills by Dorothy Napangardi Robertson. Dorothy represents her country through minimalistic renditions of sandhills in intricate, repetitive lines of fine dots giving form and movement to the painting's surface. It appears as though each grain of sand is highlighted along with delicate injections of coloured lines in yellow, red and orange that hint at the underlying surface of the shifting sands.

The rippling effect of fine white dots lined up on the black background in Napangardi's Sandhills of Mina Mina is like marble. Mina Mina is a large dry claypan area with two huge soakages. When water soaks through the earth and dries, a residue salt crust is left on the uplifted edges of dry earth-this is what Napangardi shows in her paintings.

Artist: Dorothy Napangardi Robertson
Size: 16 x 22 cm
Pages: 112 Pages

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