Art & Wonder: Young Children and Contemporary Art | MCA | Authors: Dr. Clare Britt & Amanda Palmer

How do young children bring meaning to and make meaning from contemporary art within a museum context? What potential might there be for creative reciprocity between artists and young children? Can we create space for intellectually rich, thoughtful, deep and complex early childhood visual arts pedagogy for the very youngest children in Early Childhood Education and Care settings and museum and gallery contexts? In what ways can a sense of belonging be created for infants and toddlers (and their families) in large, public cultural institutions?

These questions and more form the foundations for Art & Wonder®: Young Children and Contemporary Art - a collaborative research and pedagogy project between the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA), Mia Mia Child and Family Study Centre (Mia Mia), and the Department of Educational Studies (DoES), Macquarie University.

This book shares the findings of the Art & Wonder®: Young Children and Contemporary Art pilot project through the voices of the children, their families, their teachers, MCA artist educators and the research team.

The Art & Wonder: Young Children and Contemporary Art publication, is co-authored by Dr Clare Britt (Honorary Lecturer, Macquarie University) and Amanda Palmer (Early Learning Coordinator, Museum of Contemporary Art) with contributions from fellow research team members Wendy Shepherd, Janet Robertson, Dr Belinda Davis, Nicole Barakat, Cara MacLeod and Brook Morgan.

The MCA thanks Suzanne and Anthony Maple-Brown for their support as MCA Program Patrons of Art & Wonder: Young Children and Contemporary Art, and The Medich Foundation who is the Major Benefactor of MCA Early Learning programs.

24.0 x 16.0cm
235 pages

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