Keep Coolidge and Carry On | Author: Patrick Boyle

Keep Coolidge and Carry On is a breakdown of Jennifer Coolidge’s career, from her time as Jodi, Jerry’s girlfriend on Seinfeld, to her ascension as Tanya McQuoid on White Lotus, which has crowned her, rightfully, as HBO and Hollywood royalty.

Study her wisdom and learn how to manage a diner you inherited from your husband, plan a birthday party for your dog, bake a perfectly moist cookie and, of course, bend and snap.

Learn about behind-the-scenes details of Coolidge’s movies, life and how she managed to pose as Hemmingway’s daughter to get into bars and take a quiz that will separate fans who’ve only watched White Lotus from the stans who can spot her in the crowd of the Austin Powers’ football game.

18.5 x 7.6cm
76 pages


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